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We have a lot of interesting projects in the works!
Here are a few of the projects we’re working on.


Interactive multimedia tours of local histories allowing locations and visuals tell the tale!   Music of our Mountains StoryMaps will reveal how our People and Places correlate geographically — and also present timeline narratives for the chronology of events.


We’re presenting newly re-captured recordings of playback from antique discs and tapes from local private collections, complete with collector, curator, and publisher’s notes to share the complete story of Southwest Virginia’s musical heritage!


Short-films featuring interviews with contributors, contemporary musicians, community and family members of our region’s musical icons. Travel with us throughout the region and meet the torchbearers who know best; get the complete story of the music, people, places, history — and even a few tunes!

Field Recordings

Filmed recording sessions in non-studio environments. We champion real-life music, performed by real people, in the intimate settings where they make music the best. Filmed in conjunction with Documentaries, we present a modern day variation that follows in the footsteps of work by visionaries such as Ralph Peer, Alan Lomax, Mike Seeger and so many more.  

Handmade Vinyl

Take the tunes home and own a slice of history!  Through our re-captured recordings of antique discs (culled from private collections) and our contemporary Field Recordings Series, the Handmade Music School and County Sales is issuing limited edition vinyl for the Music of our Mountains collector’s series.  These quarterly-released 12” Vinyl LP’s feature A/B side remastered antique recordings and contemporary re-workings by artists you know and love.   All vinyl is individually cut on a restored vintage cutting lathe, in real time – literally by hand!

The Handmade Vinyl Club’s Music of our Mountains series is available for a $500 annual subscription.  This subscription includes all four issues PLUS a 20% discount on all Vinyl available at County Sales (individual issues will also be available for a $125 one time donation). Keep your eyes open for the first LP coming in June, 2022!

The Handmade Music School / County Sales is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization — Your donation is tax deductible!   

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