Music of Our Mountains

A multi-media bridge between Appalachian roots and the modern folk music experience.

About the Project

Music of our Mountains is a living-document that chronicles the exchange of musical culture and ideas throughout Appalachia and beyond. This project honors the existing work of scholars, musicians and folklorists — while opening gateways for new discussion regarding the rich origins and current context of Appalachian identity. Here, oral histories and conjecture are presented alongside established perspectives.

Our narrative Features coupled with curated Collections from published works seeks to enrich the current dialogue on Appalachian music & culture; explore the role of race, gender and identity; and provide a platform for multi-view examination of the People, Places, Tunes and Roots that provided the initial pulse from which country music was born.

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Recent Features and Entries

Dent Wimmer and Sam Conner

Dent Wimmer

Dennis Omer “Dent” Wimmer (1908-1979) was one of nine children born to Thomas Fleming Wimmer and Hattie DeWeese Wimmer

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Sam Conner

Sam Conner

BY MAC TRAYNHAM AND ALICE SLUSHER— Oldtime fiddler Samuel Henry Conner was born in 1909 in Franklin County and

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